Version 9.2.4

  • Rewrote network code to be faster and more reliable. The new network system connects to a separate server, and the old one will be shut down in a while.
  • Reintroduced the multiplayer overlay. You can now seamlessly chat with other players in the multiplayer lobby while playing single-player games, designing ships, and so on.
  • Timestamps for messages.
  • Recent chat history when logging into the multiplayer lobby.
  • Combat playback speed adjusts dynamically to keep the game running smoothly and lag at acceptable levels.
  • The game now runs in the background, so you should be able to alt-tab away and have multiplayer chat, etc continue working.
  • Prevented undo handling from eating up all the RAM and crashing the game.
  • Fixed issue where ships would be non-loadable when they were made with a mod that uses custom bonuses.
  • Prettier Suspendium chambers.
  • Game stutters way less after big explosions.

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