Version - Bug and Performance Fixes

  • Fixed performance problems with grenadiers and other boarders.
  • Saw blades and other ammoless weapons once again will fire at harmless targets if they have nothing better to do.
  • Temporarily disabled multiplayer chat overlay, as it was causing lag spikes. It will be fixed and re-enabled soon.
  • Fixed crash caused by ships producing less than 0.5 command points.
  • Fixed rare crash in file screen.
  • Fixed weird behaviour in file screen when you hit enter with nothing selected.
  • Limited number of particles in a combat to 4000. This can be changed by editing launch_settings.json.
  • You can now deactivate the enemy combat AI entirely, useful for testing purposes.
  • Cow-catcher ram is now called wurm-catcher ram, as there are no cows in the game's setting.
  • Instead of tips you now sometimes get in-universe ads in the world generation screen.
  • Modding: Ability to hook charges/tinctures/layouts into existing heraldic styles. See Modding Notes.txt in the game data folder for details.

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