Version Bugfixes

  • New Chinese translation created by players.
  • You can now view the game setup settings during a conquest game, and use cheats to modify them. You can even do things like turn off the diplomacy system halfway through the game!
  • There's now a setting for reduced visual noise, which gets rid of animations, fragments, background elements, and most particles, to make the game more accessible for people with vision/visual processing issues.
  • If you are editing a ship in multiplayer, you are no longer forced to watch unrelated intercepts.
  • Turning off monsters now also turns off starter monsters.
  • Increased land anemone range.
  • Flipped around some AI buildings that were pointing the wrong way.
  • Landships can now cross oceans to friendly ports.
  • Spy action notices are now shown as normal notices on the left of the screen instead of being a popup.
  • Ammo overlay no longer shown for weapons that don't need ammo.
  • Coronation victory setting explains that it also controls final ritual victory.
  • Torpedo bombers now wait until they have a good shot instead of launching their torpedo as soon as possible.
  • The game now detects when an incompatible driver is being used and automatically turns on graphics compatibility mode and tells the player, instead of crashing out. This isn't a full solution, but it's at least better. If you have an uncle that works at AMD, let me know.
  • Minor graphical/text fixes.

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