Hallowe'en Update

Tis the spooky season, and as is by now traditional, here's a new monster for you to fight: the clockwork cube. Cubes, in fact, as there's three of them, armed with a tentacle, a saw, and an energy beam respectively.

These will turn up during conquest play, and there's also a mission challenging you to take down all three cubes with ships worth no more than $1200. Can you figure out how?

Apart from that, there's some minor bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added clockwork cube monster and challenge mission.
  • Fixed a potential situation where a ship on the winning side of a fight would be incorrectly marked as lost due to being immobilised. The game now tries harder to get such ships back into the air.
  • Improved combat rendering speed by about 5%.
  • AI empires' coats of arms should better match their abilities and ship designs.
  • You can no longer refit dragonriders.
  • New cheat option to switch difficulty levels. Note that a lot of the difference between difficulty levels is in the initial starting situation, which of course this can't change.
  • Fixed rare text input crash.

There's still a bunch of bugs and adjustments I'm aware of that didn't make it into this update, so if you recently told me about something that needs fixing, don't worry.


Airships_1.0.21.9_Linux.zip 434 MB
Oct 28, 2021
Airships_1.0.21.9_Windows.zip 211 MB
Oct 28, 2021
Airships_1.0.21.9_Mac.zip 212 MB
Oct 28, 2021

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