Version - Bugfixes

  • The colors in paint and roundels for arms that don't obey the rule of tincture are now better-chosen.
  • Fixed an issue caused by mods with modules that take zero time to walk through. Please don't break the laws of physics!
  • Planes kept being blown up by friendly fire from bombers and torpedo bombers, so I made them immune to splash damage from their own side. Only, I got the logic the wrong way around and instead made them immune to splash damage from the enemy side only. This is now fixed.
  • Toggling mods while in the process of placing a construction in the mission editor causes a crash from stale data in the construction you're placing. Made it so you can't toggle mods mid-placement anymore.
  • Fixed "the service ceiling looks fine but when I go place the ship it has a service ceiling of zero" bug. Caused by job assignment system getting too excited about hunky high-HP modded crew.
  • The game install folder now contains up to date information on how to run your own standalone multiplayer server. No "and then they shut the servers off and the game stopped working" for Airships!

So what's next? Co-op multiplayer and diplomacy!

As always, if you want to talk to me or other players, come join us on the Discord.

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