1.0.19 - Better Boarders, More AI Ships

  • Improved user interface for selecting ship names: You can now set a prefix for your ships to have, and you can automatically choose distinct names or numbers when building multiple ships.
  • The fleet list now has a compact mode and a select all button.
  • You can replace modules, armour, paint, and decals in the ship editor by selecting them and choosing "replace".
  • You are no longer prompted to name dragon riders and fleshcrackers.
  • Toggle for switching to placing decorations underneath the ship.
  • All decoration types can now be placed underneath the ship, including flags, coats of arms, and name plates.
  • New AI fleets by Eliphaser, JimmyJam, Proton, 14pat and me.
  • Planes go back to repair and rearm, and obey commands again.
  • Showing module ammo per shot/clip again.
  • Date panel moves to stay visible when fleet is selected.
  • Fixes to tentacle AI.
  • Boarders no longer get amnesia from going through doorways or dropping short distances. (Yes, they had doorway effect!)
  • Boarders will now climb down landships and buildings when stuck on them.
  • Planes no longer keep attacking buildings that used to be enemies but are now friendly.
  • Crew no longer spawn exactly on top of each other, giving the appearance of missing crew.
  • Planes using their weapons now reset the draw timer.
  • The insides of modules with no armour are now drawn even when zoomed out.
  • Adjusted biplane hook pricing to be consistent.
  • +25% accuracy for landships and buildings.
  • High Pressure Jelly now also increases flamethrower projectile speed.

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