This update has one major change: Ships no longer get all their crew and resources back after a fight. If you conquer a city, you have to wait until its takeover period is complete to get your crew and resources refilled.

This has some important consequences: hit and run tactics where you repeatedly attack a city and retreat to get back resources no longer work. Not do blitzkrieg tactics where you conquer city after city without stopping.

Also, if your ship loses all its crew quarters, it now still retains its crew and is no longer lost, but if it actually loses all its crew in a hostile environment, it is lost.

Other changes:

  • Improved ramming AI.
  • Redid city notifications. Showing fewer unimportant notifications, like enemy cities recovering economically.
  • Indicator for fleets needing repair.
  • Fixed crash when trying to bribe a ship that has departed a city.
  • Small pirate boarder now has all-pirate crew.
  • Slightly more manoeuvrable hussars.

Next up, I'm looking at boarding problems and the reserve mechanic.

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Yay, no more has full crew but becomes useless from lucky shot to crew quarters