Version 1.0.18 More Stuff!

This version adds a lot of new modules and content!

New Modules:

  • Command Centre: Massive bridge with an additional +30% command points generated for all ships in the fleet.
  • Observation Dome: Upgrade to the crow's nest, +15% accuracy instead of +10%, and more HP.
  • Aircraft Command Deck: Triples the speed at which planes can be launched. Allows for more detailed commands to be issued to the planes launched by this ship.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Bay: Doubles aircraft repair speed and makes rearming 25% faster. (All planes now need to return home every once in a while to stock up on ammo.)
  • Guided Missile: Massive high-tech guided missile that actively seeks out targets. Does a lot of splash damage, uses a lot of ammo, takes a long time to reload.
  • Kinetic Bomb, AKA a rock you can drop on your enemies. Eventually evolves to a metal teardrop with fins you can drop on your enemies.
  • Biplane hook for attaching biplanes to the underside of ships.
  • One-use versions of rockets, massive rockets, and torpedoes.


  • You can now see aerial torpedoes and guided missiles being assembled bit-by-bit as ammo for them arrives.
  • Option for dyslexic-friendly font in the settings.
  • Cultist crew now have some special shouts more appropriate to their cultist nature.
  • Modules that provide a ship-wide bonus, like telescopes, now specify which modules their bonus stacks with.
  • Modules and armours now tell you which mod they're from.
  • AI no longer tries to outmanoeuvre faster ships.
  • Explosion damage overlay now uses same code as explosions to be accurate, and supports hovering over specific modules to see just the damage they do.
  • Four new sets of AI ships by superieurerobot, Orang, h, and me.

Bug fixes:

  • Desync at start of MP game should no longer happen.
  • At least one case of boarders just kind of jumping to their deaths is fixed.
  • Entirely new logic for deciding whether a ship/building will survive a fight. This should hopefully get rid of "ghost fleets" of grounded airships and other issues like that.
  • When you bury grass with stuff (like ruins, logs, etc) on it, it now converts into normal soil.
  • More helpful message when mods are missing when loading a replay.
  • Feedback input field is now multi-line, so you can hit enter without submitting feedback early.
  • Custom charges now render correctly in counterchanged and dimidiated coats of arms.
  • Particles no longer adhere to dragonriders and some other monsters.


  • Heavy wooden armour: Blast absorb 4 -> 6, Piercing absorb 9 -> 12
  • Steel wall: HP 27 -> 36
  • Turtle shell armour: HP 45 -> 60
  • Aerial charges: HP 80 -> 100
  • Suspendium Ray: +50% damage
  • Pressurised Suspendium Tank: Lift 900 -> 1200


  • Crew shouts are now moddable. Shouts are now loadables like everything else.
  • You can add guidance systems to your weapons. See GUIDED_MISSILE.json for an example.
  • Support for non-1024px sprite sheets is even better now, might actually work, you never know.
  • You can now specify that the barrel of a weapon should not be displayed (see ROCKETS.json) or even a whole set of stages for how the barrel changes as it's loaded. (See GUIDED_MISSILE.json.)
  • Use "canResupplyInCombat": false to make a module unable to be resupplied with ammo or coal.

Known issues:

  • Tech tree rendering does bad stuff with confusingly overlapping dependency lines.
  • Landship ramming AI is broken.

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