Version 1.0.17 - Variants, Mods, etc.

Hi, new people! Welcome! I hope you're enjoying the game, and if you have any questions or suggestions, do post in the forums.

One thing that's come up a bunch of time is mods for the game. Currently, nearly all mods are on Steam Workshop, but I've created a Nexus Mods page for the game and am encouraging modders to post their creations there.

  • Modules and decals are now organised into sets of variants you can cycle through. This makes the module and decal list tidier and also allows for more visual variation.
  • You can now rename cities.
  • Saving and syncing no longer freeze the game, which should produce a nicer experience and fewer network issues.
  • No armour is now available as an option.
  • Deck-based cannon and gatling guns as well as half-sized blocks and slopes, courtesy of YellowMiner.
  • Storage modules now change in appearance as they deplete, and more weapons change in appearance as technology advances, courtesy of YellowMiner.
  • Added link to Nexus mods for non-Steam users and made it easier to install mods from zip files.
  • Massive rockets are now 50% faster, 25% more accurate, and make a deeper sound.
  • The non-conquest ship editor now has the correct techs selected for non-conquest battles.
  • Monsters should no longer enter combat already damaged.
  • Wasp nests now award you the cybernetics tech instead of trying to unlock aerial torpedoes directly.
  • Fixed missing "Choose Research" button in the research complete dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where ships would collide at a distance (for example, a bow colliding with a rectangular module despite there still being some space between them).
  • Fixed a bug where cities connected by sea routes weren't treated as properly connected.
  • Modding: You can now use multipliers and dividers in bonusable values instead of having to use a mess of cases. See MASSIVE_ROCKETS for an example.
  • Modding: You can now specify which modules are considered the same for purposes of stacking accuracy bonuses. See TELESCOPE for an example.

Also, there is now an Asia region multiplayer server.

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