Version 9.3

  • Large blast type weapons now do splash damage. Their damage has been correspondingly reduced, as they now do damage to many tiles and not just one. The damage and splash area can be set separately, but for backwards compatibility, if the splash area is not set, a splash area is automatically calculated, and the damage is automatically reduced. This has significantly changed the balancing of the game and may need more iteration, but it should be the last major change to how combat works.
  • Updated the Japanese, Chinese, Russian and French translations. They should now be a lot better and more complete, especially the French one.
  • Legs, especially bipedal legs, should now be way more reliable. Carry weight calculations have changed, which means you may need to adjust the values in mods.
  • Legs now actually consume coal.
  • Fixed problem where smoke and explosions would no longer be properly textured after reloading mods.
  • Crew shots inside ships no longer pierce through every single crew member on the target tile.
  • F2 now properly hides the multiplayer overlay.
  • Removed the ability to re-download your published mods for now, because Steam broke it. There will hopefully be a fix soon.
  • You can now set a custom location for the game data directory. Only do this if you really need it for some reason!
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes.

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