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Recent updates

Version - Lamps and Smaller Saves
Save files are now about seven times smaller, which should also help with out of memory crashes when auto-saving large maps. Functionality for re-downloading mo...
Version 1.0.3
Version 1.0.3 brings a whole bunch of fixes and balance changes. You can now view your empire's current bonuses in the Empire window. Weapon accuracy of buildin...
Version Bugfix
Tactical AI improvements, especially against buildings. More details in a write-up to come. Weapons can no longer lead shots beyond their firing arcs. Balanced...
Version 1.0.2 brings key configuration
You can now finally change the keyboard configuration!
Design & fight with steampunk airships
Version BUGFIX
And this is the bugfix release for the bugfix release! The game should now no longer constantly crash in the editor. My apologies about this.
Version 1.0.1
Double clicking to load and save in file screens works correctly now. Pirates that have captured a landship they can't use no longer get stuck in an endless cyc...
After five years of development, Airships: Conquer the Skies is out! It started as a quick prototype inspired by FTL and Cortex Command, and was rapidly met wit...
Version 9.5
Today marks the release of Airships dev 9.5. It adds a bunch of new monsters to the game, which is why I picked Halloween has the release date, of course. To ce...

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