A downloadable Game for Mac OS 9

This is an Asteroids-type game I made back in 2002. I found the original downloads and am re-releasing it on itch.io for posterity. You will need a classic Mac or install an emulator (see install instructions) to get this game to run.

  • Pilot your spacecraft through a storm of asteroids and space debris.
  • Your ship is manoeuvrable but vulnerable, so take care! You have a shield and an afterburner, but both consume a lot of energy, so you can only use them in carefully timed bursts.
  • Grab various weapon upgrades and nuclear missiles.
  • Find the alien saucers that are directing the stream of asteroids and engage them in combat. They're quite tricky and will dodge in and out of range.
Average sessionA few minutes


Asteroid Storm 1.2.1 for Mac OS 9 7 MB
Mac OS 9 Emulator for Windows 392 MB

Install instructions

If you have a working Mac OS 9 install, just download the .sit file, extract it, and run the game.

If you don't, you can download and install a Mac OS 9 emulator from here, or from the downloads section. Once you've set it up, transfer the .sit file into the emulator by dropping it into MacOS9.exe and waiting for 30 seconds. It should appear on the desktop of the emulator, where you can extract and play it.

Do not extract the .sit file in a non-OS 9 file system. The extraction will be incomplete and the game will fail to run.

Development log


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Could you provide the download in a current compression format? I want to try emulation on a M2 Mac to play this. There isn't any available .sit extraction software for Apple Silicon.

So the problem is that the game files have resource forks, which I think would get destroyed if I compressed it with eg ZIP. Do you know a way around this? I can decompress it safely on a Mac running OS 9, but how do I recompress it intact?

I was coming to delete my message because I was able to use Unarchiver to extract it. I thought it wouldn't work since it doesn't say anything about running under apple silicon. I haven't tried playing the game yet. I had been trying to get emulators up and running on the M2 mini so I if I wanted to I could get rid of my G4 PowerMac. Two nights ago the G4 went on the blink which may have made that decision for me.

Thanks for replying.