A game made in a few hours for Epic Game Jam!

Sexy Atomic Mermaid Magnetic Hammer Queen Xorxorxa is called upon to fight the evil invading witches on their brooms and in their submarines!

Her magnetic hammer accelerates, spinning around her, building destructive power. Adjust the height of flight to smack the witches at the right time. But beware: if the hammer hits the water, it rapidly loses most of its momentum.

Because Sexy Atomic Mermaid Magnetic Hammer Queen Xorxorxa is, as previously mentioned, Atomic, she needs to occasionally submerge in the water to cool down her reactor, lest she explode.

You must use careful timing to make effective use of your hammer, prioritising destruction and reactor-cooling as needed.

Controls: W/S


Art and Programming by David Stark

Sound Effects by


  • dobroide
  • jobro
  • mattj99
  • soundscalpel.com
  • jesabat
  • hoscalegeek
  • primeval-polypod
  • coltonmanz
  • inspectorj

Music: Eco Zones by Blank Banshee

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