Cool new stuff!

Since I made this generator two years ago, it's been used in multiple game projects and pen and paper sessions. There's been a repeated request for the ability to download the image of the planet. I didn't know how to do this, so it took until I was given some code from Efface Studios on GitHub to make this work.

And since I was digging around in the code anyway, I proceeded to make some more additions:

  • You can now download a high-resolution image of the planet, including the atmospheric haze.
  • You can switch to a map view of the planet (though it doesn't match the planet exactly) and also download that.
  • You can download the planet's description, stats, and ID as a text file.
  • Each planet now has an ID number you can copy and save so you can revisit planets. (As long as the generator doesn't update, at least.)
  • I've added many more generation options: more strange creatures, more geology, more mysteries.

Hope you like it!

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