Your organisation is in charge of defending the United Kingdom from paranormal threats. Vampire covens, stray werewolves, pixie swarms, cultists with funny robes and impractical daggers, unlicensed hauntings, and more obscure matters.

None of that makes it immune to budget cuts, however.

Development log


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A big toughy. It's certainly a brain teaser, but I'm lucky to have beaten it on my first try. I'd recommend this game, and I'd love to see even more games like this in the future. 

Good thing this kind of foolishness would never happen with real public services.


BUDGE CUT --- Trump, probably

i made it.... i loove the concept the story telling is good and overall its a blast to play as you schratch your head wat you are gona cut now

Well this is awesome, and tricky. I look forward to trying again, but other than trial and error not sure how to identify the critical elements to preserve. Apart from the Oculus teams.

Do you get the feeling this might be an unwinnable piece of social commentary?


Don't worry, it's winnable.

Oh! I’m going to have to try again!


For some definitions of 'winning'. :D