Headball is a hotseat two-player sports horror game. You play as a team of souls imprisoned in hell and forced by demons to play a game with severed heads.

At the start of the game, the head demon randomly picks a player from one team and decapitates them. Their head becomes the ball.

To score, pass the head to another player through the enemy team's hoop. So one player has to be directly north of the hoop and the other one south, or vice versa. Then pass the head to the other player to score.

If the head is on the ground, you can pick it up by moving onto it. A player in possession on the head may not move and only pass it to another player. Position your players near the throwing or receiving enemy players to have a chance to intercept the head. You can also tackle enemy players, pushing them and causing them to drop the head.

The head, through severed, is still conscious and can also participate. The team whose head it is can use it to bite enemy players holding it, or emit a horrible scream that weakens all adjacent players.

The demons slowly narrow the play field by advancing on it from the top and bottom. Any player caught by demons is decapitated, their head becoming the new ball. Play ends when the demons overrun the field, and the winning team is the one with more points.

Made in one day for Ludum Dare 41 Compo. Font is "Flailed" by Eeve Somepx.

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