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Could you provide the download in a current compression format? I want to try emulation on a M2 Mac to play this. There isn't any available .sit extraction software for Apple Silicon.

So the problem is that the game files have resource forks, which I think would get destroyed if I compressed it with eg ZIP. Do you know a way around this? I can decompress it safely on a Mac running OS 9, but how do I recompress it intact?

I was coming to delete my message because I was able to use Unarchiver to extract it. I thought it wouldn't work since it doesn't say anything about running under apple silicon. I haven't tried playing the game yet. I had been trying to get emulators up and running on the M2 mini so I if I wanted to I could get rid of my G4 PowerMac. Two nights ago the G4 went on the blink which may have made that decision for me.

Thanks for replying.