Shootout Mayhem is a twin-stick roguelike game heavily inspired by Nuclear Throne. I put it together in the space of two days to demonstrate the difference between a protoype and a polished game - but it's perfectly playable!

Play as one of three characters:

  • Taquito Jones, a gunslinger with a frustration problem
  • El Gato, a mysterious cat fond of leaping at things
  • S.P.U.R, an experimental robotic lawman

Fight against black hats, sentient tumbleweeds, angry ponies and - ultimately - T.R.A.I.N, the evil cousin of S.P.U.R! Acquire a variety of wild west and weird science weapons! Gather experience and improve your skills! There's a whole three levels!

The game is open source (GPLv3 and CC0).