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Found a bug but I don't want to spoil things for folks. Essentially, one of the domesticated animals doesn't retain its new quality.

Got the ship ending!

is the ending of the game when you reach the fleshy stalk things since it doesn't go past that, and if it does how do you get past

got to the end and I find that the story created is rather nice especialy since morality seems rather respected

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tip to others playing, being friendly to creatures can bring a turnly gain of food not loss as in domestication.

This game is real fun! Never played a text-strategy game bevor, but I enjoyed it.

One question: Is there some kind of goal to achieve or do you play forever?

I can attest that you can lose the game!

Yeah, but is it possible to win?

Yes. You might need a few tries, but you can definitely win!

Cool, thanks!