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Impressive little game for a one-day jam!

I loved the progression, although it became quite easy towards the end when I found a particularly lucrative route (not illegal goods).

Since you're mentioning possible future versions, here's some wishes :)
- Some stats of the boats so you know what you're buying (cargo, speed, propulsion system etc). I happened to downgrade to a smuggler boat not knowing that it would be much less cargo than the one I had...
- A minimap of the world would be awesome (perhaps even with trading details of each island once you've visited it)

Agreed with the boat confusion.

Perhaps the minimap should be slowly filled when discoveries are made?


love this game. had to learn tack - very cool. it's paced very well. we'd love a save, though. it's a little too tranquil for casual rounds. don't ever add a pause, lol